Oct 7, 2011

Fulfilling fall decor

Just in time for Halloween, and to take you through Thanksgiving, are ten decor ideas. Not only is the look elegant, you can use the same materials for many years. Don't forget your outdoor spaces; some of these materials are water resistant and look great on a patio, balcony or porch.


1) Using your favorite glass or ceramic vases, insert dried stems (real or faux) and enjoy a long-term touch of nature on mantles, kitchen counters, tabletops and beside your front door (in a larger scale). Your local import store may have ready-to use stems that look elegant all year.  For a spooky look, drape with Spanish moss or polyester spider webbing. Add a string of battery operated lights.

2) Wreaths are a fabulous way to dress a door, a shelf, hang in a window or over a mirror, and other creative spots like the backs of chairs. Grapevine and birch come in inexpensive ready-made bases and are easy to dress up.  You can use preserved, real or faux greens, berries, and dried stems to obtain a low-cost, custom piece. Glue, wire on, or simply tuck into the wreath. Add a grosgrain ribbon for a finished hanger.

3) Glass hurricane cylinders or lidded glass containers, make wonderful displays for items as simple as gourds, acorns, pine cones, fall leaves, or as elegant as glass balls, floating flowers, 

4) Use mercury glass candleholders to spice up your table or mantle.  They add sparkle and elegance. For a seasonal treat, spray a mini-pumpkin or gourd in silver and gold and carve a hole in which to set your candle.

5) Create seasonal art with pressed leaves and fall flowers set into inexpensive frames. Ikea has white, black and brown wooden frames an reasonable prices. You find the leaves, press under the glass and voila, hanging art. A grouping of these in varying sizes makes a wonderful seasonal vignette.

6) Using seed pods, small pine cones, acorns, nuts and even fall colored buttons, glue onto a new or old frame, creating a work of art for a favored photograph. Don't want to use a photo?  Use a fabric insert that inspires you, and use that as your display.

7) Scented balls can be created using a base of Styrofoam balls in varying sizes, 'painting' them with craft glue and then rolling in lavender, moss, eucalyptus, or other fragrant 'found' items.  Display on table tops, in large bowls, on shelves, and tuck into closets and drawers.

8) Tuck fall foliage into pumpkins and place around outdoor benches, into window boxes, into wicker baskets indoors, and into the bases of large houseplants for a truly fragrant fall look. 

9) Apples, gourds and pumpkins make wonderful displays in so many ways. Stack apples in glass bowls and tuck a candle into the center. Place small gourds around a grouping of candlesticks and add dried fall leaves for softness.

10) Decorate your dining or kitchen chandelier with the flavors of fall. Using patterned ribbon, small gourds or pumpkins (faux is best for weight), stems and dried florals, you can create a festive party atmosphere.