Oct 21, 2011

5 Design tricks you can use today for added elegance.

There are some very simple ways to make your home look grand and elegant. Try these 5 ideas:

1) Let more light into your rooms and make your windows look larger by hanging window treatments well above and to the sides. Be sure to blend the side panels to the window frame so they join rather than float. Hanging rods above the window is often best at the level of the ceiling.

2) Dress up doorways, stairways, large walls and other areas with molding.  MDF is inexpensive and easy to cut with a plastic miter box, and when painted, looks sumptuous. Here the doorways used curved molding, the wainscot is low, and all of the windows are trimmed out.

3) Add easy-to-install open shelving to any room for display or storage. These shelves from West Elm have concealed hardware and a finished crown. They'll add architectural detail with a traditional style.

4) Rather than replace dated brass knobs, door hardware and even light fixtures, antique them with a brass darkening solution found at most hardware stores. Try looking through builder's supply centers and re-sale shops to add aged brass hardware to your cabinets and dressers.

5) Turn a hallway closet or one from an extra room into a work center or display area. Remove the doors, and trade the rods for shelving.  Add additional shelves for a desk or display area. For brackets, shelves and hardware, a small closet can be under $100.