Sep 14, 2011

Soulutions for fading daylight.

Fall is here.  As we change the clocks back and lose daylight, here are some ideas to keep your rooms well-lit without re-decorating.

    1. Hang a mirror on a wall or resting on a piece of furniture to reflect light from your brightest window. 
    2.  Place a lamp (if possible) in front of the mirror.
    3. Add an up-light to the darkest corner of a room. It can sit behind a large plant  or  piece of furniture.
    4. Re-arrange furniture so reading chairs sit closer to windows to capture daylight.
    5. Add candlelight at your focal point whether it is a fireplace, A/V unit or other furniture - use flame less candles for safety.
    6. Hang a lighted wall sconce for accent light - flame less tea light candles are a safe option.
    7. Add LED lighting in niches, curios and other unusual places.
    8. Place a floor or table lamp in a dark corner and use a plug-in timer or light sensor (  to turn on and off at dusk and dawn.