Aug 8, 2011

The many uses for a 5-in-1 tool on a painting project..

You've seen this is the stores but never picked it up.  For $6-$7 this tool takes the place of at least 5 - how aptly named - is easy to keep in a back pocket and keeps your project site organized.

1. Use the flat blade edge to spread joint compound over damaged wall areas.

2. Remove peeling paint or scrape off wallpaper with the blade.

3. Open paint cans with the edges. It also pulls staples from boxes.

4. Run the flat edge along your painters tape to remove bubbles. This works on stick-on decals and wallpaper too.

5. Hammer in a loose nail. Use the metal cap on the handle for small nails...use it to tap the paint cans closed too.

6. Clean paint and caulk from joints, corners, etc...with the sharp point. 

7. Chip off layers of paint by hammering the metal end and using the blade to remove the paint.

8. Wipe the paint from the roller nap with the softly curved edge. It helps keep your paint application smooth and clean-up is easier.

9. Pry off molding or tiles.

10. Remove picture hangers, thumbtacks and other fasteners from your walls.