Aug 17, 2011

Custom age a new piece of furniture.

Rather than tracking down a painted piece with just the right patina, you can create one yourself with a custom finish.  Here's how:

Flat latex paint in contrasting shades - one will be the base coat and one the top coat
Crackle medium
Paint brushes 
Top coat of urethane or wax- optional

Start by lightly sanding your piece - unless you want bumps and blemishes for character.  Prime it and let dry fully. Paint the first coat of color that will be the one to show through your final color coat. This one is a deep rust color.  Let dry 24 hours.  Pour the crackle medium into a bucket and stir gently.  Using a clean brush, apply a thick layer but do not overwork it. Let this coat dry 1-2 hours (if you go too long the mixture will cure and the next coat will not crackle. Use another clean, dry brush for your topcoat - this one is a creamy beige. As it dries, the crackles appear.  For a worn look, you can lightly sand the edges of doors, drawers, and the box. I like to apply a light coat of Briwax rather than urethane, so I can enrich the sheen many times with ease.