Jul 1, 2011

Quick changes to freshen your space for summer.

Check out these easy ideas that don't require a major shopping trip.  
Seasonal changes give you a fresh outlook and even a different appearance. 
Remove the rug for a light, open feel!
1. Pick up the rug. For a lighter, summery feel,
    roll up your area rug and expose the floor.  

2. Swap your tables.  Instead of using large cocktail or coffee tables 
in the living room, try end tables instead. You often gain floor space, 
can place them at the point of use better, and reduce the heavy
 feel of large pieces in the center of a room.
3. Update your shades.  If you are handy, update your 
lampshades with fabric, trims, paint, and stencils.
 With a small budget, you can purchase plain drum 
shades and decorate for the season, and then swap 
back to your dressy shades for fall and winter. 
4. Bring your wicker in.  Really emphasize the season by placing
 some of your outdoor pieces inside.  Try an iron side table by 
the sofa, a comfy wicker rocker in the family room. I recommended 
that my client spray her dated white wicker furniture, and do a 
bit of antiquing; now perfect year-round inside.
5. Swap the knobs. Instead of the brass knobs, replace dresser, 
cabinet and other hardware with something new. Big box stores,
 local second-hand shops, and even Target, sell inexpensive sets 
of great looking hardware for fast and inexpensive updates.
6. Pare down.  Simplify the decor and remove ornate 
and heavy objects. Store them for re-use. Use fewer pillows
 on sofas and chairs, lighten up the number of objects 
displayed on your table tops.  A bonus, less dusting
 when you throw open your windows and doors!
7. Paint it.  My single most inexpensive, easy to execute, 
best result update for walls, furniture and even floors. 
With the new paints, nearly ANY surface can be 
transformed with color. Not artistic? Use stencils as with this console.