Jul 6, 2011

Kitchen islands...a primer

Homeowners are spending more time eating in, experimenting with new recipes, and entertaining at home. A typical evening might mean watching TV or reading the paper while stirring a pot of chili; how about supervising math homework and checking out Facebook while rotating batches of cookies through the oven for the next PTA meeting.  This is the new 'norm' and the kitchen island has taken on an expanded role as the hub and heart of the home. It’s a preferred spot for cooking, homework, entertaining, computing, cleaning up, and hanging out. Daily activities revolve around this anchor element, which can come in myriad shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations. 
From sizzling contemporary styles, to warm traditional looks, these inspiring islands feature storage, cutting and cooking, and even artistry.

Sleek stainless and quartz with full cooking & cleaning. 

Practical storage and more.
Butcher block for prep, bake and serve.
Artistic use of granite for creativity.

Glass and light merge beautifully on a budget.