Jun 29, 2011

Looking for a great tub? Check these!

Your bath remodel should update the function as well as the style and surfaces that you select.  For a relaxing experience, try one of these new tubs.

Add a Mediterranean feel to the bath with Victoria + Albert's Barcelona tub. Organic and graceful, the design was inspired by the city's distinctive urban landscape, famous for its elegant curves and natural forms created by prominent architects such as Gaudi. The contemporary, pebble-shaped unit features a rimless, double-ended design, big enough for two, and measures 70 1/4-in. long. Crafted from the company’s Englishcast material, the tub retails for $6,500. The collection also includes a coordinating vessel basin.

Sink into a massage tub from Fosan Korra Bath Ware and let the stresses of the day float away. Offering three new models, the units integrate technology with contemporary design. Model K-1083 (pictured) is crafted from blue transparent acrylic panels that rest on a white fiberglass base, and incorporates six massage nozzles. The oval-shaped model K-1086 features a curved organic profile, which contains eight massage nozzles. The sleek model K-1097 is housed in a geometric black-paneled frame and includes six large massage nozzles, as well as support pillows for additional comfort.
Originally unveiled in 1994, Duravit's Darling collection was designed in collaboration with Dieter Sieger. The company has revisited the line, this time with Dieter Sieger's sons, Michael and Christian Sieger, and created a new bath program that adheres to the idea, "plenty of design for little money.” Now called “Darling New,” the collection offers 12 tub models plus furniture paneling, acrylic paneling, support frames and neck cushions. For an atmospheric touch, the tubs are available with LED lighting under the rim, which emits a gentle, white shimmer. For practicality, the unit’s rim widens to 11.5 cm, providing a seat surface or an easy grip when entering or exiting the tub.