May 4, 2011

Ideas for old wood and moldings.

We all have things 'lying around' that seem to have lost their usefulness.  It could be extra molding from your remodel, and old chair, or even banisters that you've found in an antique shop.  Here are a few ideas to give them new life!

Chair legs:  Make them into a bookend or candlestick. For candlesticks simply bore out a hole in the top large enough for a taper candle. When using larger pillars, add a block of wood at the base for support, and a thin piece at the top on which to place the candle.  Paint or stain, and voila!

Extra molding:   This can become a frame on the wall to inset art, a hanging plate, etc..  Here, the casing from trimming doors was used to create rectangular architectural elements. Individual mirrors were hung within each rectangle. For drama, you can paint the interiors of rectangles a different color than the main wall, and even a variety of hues in each one. If you have some carpentry skills and more time, build an indoor planter box, apply molding and even use some of your chair legs as feet!

Drapery finials: Changing out your rods?  Finials can be decorative elements in so many ways. One of the easiest is to have them serve as wall hooks. Screw the end into the wall - using an anchor - and you create a lovely place to hang hats, coats and more. Try applying similar ones to the flat top of newel posts for a decorative element. Finish them the same.