May 9, 2011

How to use 'extra' fabric to update your decor.

Fabric is like jewelry. I often collect small amounts of silks, damasks, and textured fabrics to use for small projects. Or, you may have found a wonderful fabric for your sofa and have already had it upholstered or a slipcover made.  When there are pieces you love, or fabric left over, here are some ideas on how to use it to spruce up other areas of your home. 

1. Frame it. Often a patterned fabric is interesting enough to be used as wall art. Purchase frames that work with your decor or stretch fabric over a wooden frame like a canvas.

2. Inset it.  For a change of pace in kitchen cabinet, vanity, closet, and other furniture doors, use fabric as an inset instead of the existing panel or glass. Shirring the fabric creates a casual, country style. 

3.Overlay it.  Rather than sewing new pillows, cut fabrics and create appliqu├ęs.  Using iron-on stitch witchery or other adhesives, affix the fabric(s) to the surface. It creates a custom look, you won't have extra pillows around, and you might find new places to use the pillows. 

4. Wrap it.  If pieces aren't large enough to cover anything additional, use it to wrap gifts. With a coordinating tie - raffia and twine are easy and natural - you can create a very special gift. 

5. Tack it on.  When tables or dressers get damaged sufficiently that you're ready to move on.... using upholstery nails...tack fabric onto the surface, change out the hardware, and you'll have a new piece. If the surface is used often, an inexpensive piece of glass can be cut to fit and simply set the fabric underneath. Nails too hard?  Use fabric adhesive and glue and smooth onto tops, sides, drawers and legs for a custom look.  Cover with Scotch Guard to protect the fabric for daily use.