Apr 6, 2011

Window treatments for unusual windows.

Have you been puzzled by how to treat an unusually shaped or scaled window? Even arched windows can be confusing to dress. Here are three styles and some solutions.

1) ARCHED TOPS: When you have a wonderful architectural features like arched windows, doing less with them is the best solution. Cover only the portion of the window that needs privacy. Set the rods at the exact height of the middle muntin or glazing bar, leaving the upper portion of the window unadorned. Place your curtain rods so that none of the upper window is hidden.

2) BOWS. Bowed windows should be treated according to the privacy you require and the shade needed from the sun. Setting blinds or shades into the window will afford privacy and sun control yet still highlight the molding and curve of the window grouping. Using sheers with a small roller shade underneath, allows the interior moldings, wall-covering, and curvature to show and the shades to be hidden when not needed.

3) FULL CURVE. By following the curve of this large window with stationary panels attached with decorative hooks, the strong statement of the window is maintained and finding ready-made panels is easy.