Apr 22, 2011

How to decorate for a Stay-cation!

With the challenges we face in this economy, it's clear that people's habits are changing. Scaled down purchases, cutting out luxury items and pampering, and often forgoing a vacation. There is an answer.  A Staycation! This is when you spend vacation time at home and create a vacation experience there.

1)Get the best sheets and towels that you can afford. When you visit a luxury hotel, the sensory experience of the bed and bathing is important. Super soft sheets combined with a nice bed topper will give you a vacation-at-home experience night after night. Bamboo towels are luxurious and absorbent.  Freshen your bed pillows and comforters. Spray with a light mist of linen spray before putting them back on your bed.

2) De-clutter. Put it away and keep it away. If you don’t use it, get rid of it. Vacations and holidays provide a respite from responsibilities, including cleaning, and organizing.  Invest in storage containers that slide under the bed or stack inside a closet. Wicker can look good on a shelf and hides paperwork and toys well. Remove unnecessary furniture and pare down the accessories. Cleanse your space and cleanse your mind. 

3) Play on your senses. Pay attention to scent, hearing and lighting to interact with your room differently. Bring in candles, an oil burner and even some new table lamps; turn on some soothing ambient music and drift off into a living daydream.

4) Mimic the environment where you want to be. The beach, a cottage...etc.. Take the natural environment colors from where you would like to be as cues and don’t take the “look” too literally. Use pillows, an inexpensive throw rug (try Pier I and Cost Plus) and candles in the colors you need. If you love Vegas, adding rope or mini lights to your living room could do the trick. By bringing in the right colors, decorative accents, luxurious accessories and art can give your home the “feel” and excitement. For a cottage, add blue and white, some seashells and lanterns.

5) Consider outside spaces. Another wonderful part of vacation is spending time around the pool, on the beach, relaxing on the veranda or balcony with a cold drink, a good book, or to just enjoy the scenery. Invest in a decent set of outdoor loungers and a patio table and chairs…with an umbrella. And then USE them!