Apr 11, 2011

Five favorite products for April

To welcome spring into your life, embrace natural elements, and add some sparkle to your home and yard, try some of our favorite products for April.

1) Jute bags are natural, durable and attractive.  These sturdy bags are wonderful for heavy groceries, tote samples well, and are long-lasting. Use one to collect seashells, pine cones, or seasonal 'findings' then display them that way.

2) Footed bowls  are ideal for many uses.  With a sleek design and excellent pricing, Crate & Barrel offers this glass bowl as a centerpiece or serving bowl. I use mine on the buffet in my outdoor 'room' and have one filled with orchids on the dining table.

 3) Terrariums are a classic way to display plants, hold decorative balls, showcase a collection of seashells and even use as a vase for flowers. These glass terrariums from A Touch of Tradition are free-form and make a creative statement indoors or out.

4) Bamboo used in a unique way. This dresser from Horchow is made from laminated strands of bamboo for a grain more unique than traditional horizontal style. Its clean line can be as at home in a modern interior as with country decor; don't use it as a dresser if you need a great entry piece.

5) Lanterns can be used for lighting or to showcase plants, decorative balls, and other creative 'findings'. For evening gatherings I use these - from Pottery Barn - on landings to guide guests to the event. On tabletops - indoors or out - they are a safe way to entertain by candlelight with a traditional