Oct 24, 2010

Weekend warriors - Bath tips.

Have two days and need to update your bath? Try these 6 tips:

1) Paint the walls and/or cabinets a fresh new color. Go from beige to sage, from white to lavender, from green to latte.  Use eco-friendly paints and prep beforehand.
Wall, floor and cabinet paint, the mirror and
 new towels a bath mat are all that was changed

2) Add architectural details.  Try adding a chair rail height molding or wainscot. You can paint the lower area one color and the upper wall another.

All stayed the same but for the new tile wainscot & floor,

3) Swap shower curtains.  A big impact can be had with changing your linens...the shower curtain, any window panels, mats or rugs - and of course - towels. Crisp white looks great in many baths but don't hesitate to be creative with pattern selection.

4) Install new tile. Many sinks don't have a backsplash. Add one...easy to install mosaic sheets often require no cuts. Can you swap your linoleum for a large scale tile? Can you remove a small area of tile and replace? GO for it!  

5) Change the theme or style. Go from colorful and busy to neutral and serene or vice versa. Create a brighter space or make a warm cozy space.

Painting the vanity, new knobs and adding trim to the mirror!
6) Add or change lighting. Have a Hollywood style bath bar? Swap it for an updated one. Want a pendant? There are fixtures that simply screw in place of recessed lights..what a great new look. New mirrors also help with lighting as they reflect light throughout the space.

If you are experienced, you can change sinks, toilets and faucets for a major impact, but hire a professional if you harbor any doubts about how to do that.  Below is a great example of a simple de-clutter, new paint on the walls, changing towels and curtains, installing press-on linoleum tile, and swapping accessory colors. Great job!