Oct 26, 2010

Kitchen Ideas

Ready to update your kitchen? Consider these ideas to incorporate something new.

Raise your counters.  Rather than standard 36" high counters, try 38". The extra 2" can mean better ergonomics. Can't do that? Try a thicker edge to modernize their look.

Update your storage.  Cabinet manufacturers have added wonderful new pantry pull and roll outs, corner units that access the former 'dead' spaces, drawer fittings for flatware and knives, and multiple accessories for organizing food, dry goods, trash and recycling, and even composting.

Go pro.  Can your budget and kitchen accommodate professional quality appliances? GE makes appliances that cooks and bakers love for their high performance. For top-of-the-line there is Wolf and Viking.

LED in this entrance is elegant and earth-friendly.
Be eco-friendly. With new counter, cabinet and surface materials, you can have a beautiful and earth friendly kitchen. Select Water Sense faucets and Energy Star appliances. Don't forget the lighting! LED and compact fluorescent fixtures - installed in the right places - will save energy and provide great task, accent and ambient light.

An integrated dishwasher drawer system.
Add a dishwasher drawer.  Did you know that dishwashers save more water than hand washing?   For small kitchens, fewer occupants, and quick meals, the drawer dishwashers are space-saving, quiet, and efficient. Try a refrigerator drawer in a  kid-friendly kitchen that will save energy too.

A Miele built-in for coffee, tea and cocoa.
Create work zones. Carve out space for a coffee-bar, bake center, wine service and tasting, and even a pizza prep center for lasting function and enjoyment.

Incorporate electronics.  With access to information on the Internet so easy, create a space for a laptop, TV/Internet screen, or other devices that will enable a 'smart home'. Shopping, lighting control, audio-visual, security, and many other functions can be controlled with hard wiring or wireless if you plan in advance.

The best advice for a major upgrade is to hire a professional - at minimum for a consultation. Don't make mistakes, and add the important features and functions BEFORE you start.