Sep 26, 2010


Want to make some long-term design changes but only have one weekend? Try one of these ideas:

A stencil inspired buy the pendant creates a colorful border.
(1) Re-arrange a room. You can change the look and feel of your space by moving the furniture to different positions. Re-purpose pieces that are unused in one room - like small dressers and chests - and place in the 'new' room.Don't forget that function is more important than style
(2) Paint ONE wall in your largest room.  Use a color from your furniture or accessories to complement the existing decor.  Choose wisely - an accent wall should not be broken up by windows or doorways or the impact will be less. Can't do a full wall? Try a stencil around the perimeter or around the canopy of your light fixture.

A pair of similar pieces changes the wall.
(3) Update the flooring with an area rug. It's OK to place a decorative rug on carpet (especially worn and dated carpet). Change the area rugs you have from one room to another for a new look. 

(4)  Change your art. Add a mirror, create a 'pair' of pieces, re-arrange one wall with a vignette of photos or art rather than one or two large ones. Buy some new art and frames at
(5) Add a backsplash. If you have drywall behind your sinks in the bath and kitchen, try adding some decorative tile to dress it up. The cost for an 18" x 4' space can be as low as $30 in materials. Check out our YouTube tile installation video.

(6) Hang new window coverings.  If you have blinds, try adding side panels for softness and warmth. has great pairs for under $40. Already have panels? Change them out, add trim, add tassels, change the rods. Going from heavy drapes to sheers will make a big difference in the space. Need blinds? The big box stores sell ready-to-hang and cut-to-fit blinds.