Sep 6, 2017

Update Your Entry For Fall

Create an inviting front entry to your home that will last from fall through winter. You and your holiday guests will enjoy the warm & welcoming appearance. 

Tip 1: Add unexpected details. I love the idea of adding something that is your personal favorite. For me, that means some type of bench and lanterns. A DIY concrete bench with outdoor pillows is easy and inexpensive. Wrought iron works well outdoors almost always add an Iron mat to scrape off winter dirt and snow. Layering with multiple ceramic planters filled with greenery or using a weathered chair as a planter works beautifully.

Tip 2: Add candles and found greenery for elegance. It doesn’t get more welcoming than soft flickering light and greenery. I often find Pine Boughs being cut down around town.  Pinecones themselves make a wonderful decorative statement.  Whether you use a lantern to house them, or a simple terra-cotta pot, it's easy to have soft lighting from flameless candles. I purchase the ones with timers and they turn on every night and off again in six hours. The batteries seem to last several months. Newer flameless candies have remote control options. With all of the styles available, you can have creamy white, ivory with a dripp style and now even carved decorative candles found at places like Pier 1 and home goods.