Sep 8, 2017

Bring On The Mirrors

Mirrors are an ideal element in interior decor. Ultimately they serve the purpose of showing us our appearance. It's handy to have one hanging on the wall by your exit for a last perusal of how you look...I've caught myself wearing too much eyeliner. Placed auspiciously, they'll help capture the last rays of sunlight, reflect the soft glow of a beautiful lamp, and create a fabulous focal point. 

I use mirrors both as an artistic element and to reflect a beautiful room.

They're  a fabulous accessory and come in a huge array of sizes and styles.

As we lose daylight, placed behind a table or floor lamp, a mirror will reflect light back onto the room. We all know the typical places - as above the sink in the bathroom or in the corner of your bedroom - but using mirrors in entryways and hallways can help make a small space look larger.

They're not just for wall décor.  I often incorporate a serving tray that has a mirror in a bathroom, as a table centerpiece and even as a catch all for a cocktail table.