Sep 2, 2017


Let's face it...I love to recommend painting accent walls and old furniture for a dramatic or inexpensive design update. But painting isn't easy for everyone and can be time consuming if you're not experienced. Looking for color without the hassle of repainting? Here my five tips to get you started since Spring is a great time to refresh your rooms. 

1. Buy or make new pillows 
This is the fastest way to add color and pattern to any room. Whether you have a dark study or a bright bedroom, you can change the mood with pillows in a variety of shapes and colors.  You can even get your porch ready for summer  entertaining & relaxing with a set of colorful floor pillows.

2. Add flowers and plants
Infuse your rooms with bold color and soft greenery. A ceramic crock filled with sunflowers can add a casual, country touch while a crystal or cut glass vase of roses adds elegance. My favorite plants are orchids since they are dramatic & architectural. When you add a plant or two, you can bring in color & texture with your choice of planters.

3. Hang Artwork
Whatever your style is, you can instantly change the mood of a room through the art you select for your walls. Using pieces in tones or a style that contrasts with what is already in your space will bring in new color. Going monochromatic - as with with black & white photographs - will put the focus on other elements in the room.  I've purchased artwork at local craft stores, found wonderful posters and frames at IKEA, scour consignment shops for interesting and classic pieces, and shop in line at websites like; you'll find pieces to reflect every style and genre.

4. Swap accessories
 You don't always have to buy new decorative items. Try swapping pieces from room to room. Take a crystal vase from your living room and place it on your nightstand. Move a ceramic urn from the bedroom dresser to your coffee table. Moving things around within your rooms can create the change you need. Of course, you can also head to a discount home-improvement store for colorful and inexpensive vases, trays, and unique pieces to add both color and artistry to your rooms. 

5. Throw down a rug
Area rugs add instant color to one of the largest surfaces in your room. Covering a dark wood floor with a brightly colored  area rug will transform your space. A bright room becomes serene and warm with a deep-toned, textured rug. Don't forget your outdoor spaces! Polypropylene rugs add color, texture, and ambience whether you have a balcony, patio, or just a front porch.