Nov 23, 2014

Get Ready To Sell Your Home

So, you're ready to move!  Whether you're scaling down or moving into a bigger space, it's likely that you need to sell your current home before you buy.  Finding a realtor is a good first step but you should make your home appealing to a broad range of people looking.  You want them to see the potential in your home right away so you won't have a house on the market for longer than necessary.  You've probably seen the home channel shows...buyers want the right 'feel' in a new homeand want to picture themselves living there. Sometimes, hiring a designer to stage your home is the best idea. For an hour or two of time, you can get it right the first time and close a sale quickly.   I work with realtors selling homes, and with agents who want the homes they show to fit their client and here's what works:

FIRST: Eliminate clutter. Having "stuff" everywhere will make your home look messy and smaller. Yep, that means stashing the toiletries - even though everyone needs them - and clearing the kitchen counters. If you're not ready to weed out what you'll take to your new home, then stash things in an area that’s out of view from potential buyers.

SECOND:  Thoroughly clean your home, inside and out. Power wash everywhere outside, and make sure windows sparkle. If dust bunnies are collecting in corners that are visible, and fingerprints mar the doors and appliances, clean them up. 

THIRD:   Do all of those pesky repairs you've been neglecting. Things like dripping faucets, cracked tiles and degraded caulking are really disturbing to a potential buyer.  If your carpet is badly stained and you can't clean it out, replace it. Neutral carpet and tile throughout is very appealing.  Neaten your closets and kitchen cabinets.  A little goes a long way. 

FOURTH: Stash collectibles and highly personal or themed pieces.  Your teapot collection is your pride and joy but might be very off-putting to a buyer. Before I helped Steve and Marie, their home had been listed over a year.  By removing some of their highly ornate furniture, the house became more gender and style neutral and sold in 4 weeks.  Consider exterior too.  Overcrowding an entry - even with a sweet bench - feels limiting. 

FIFTH: If you couldn't get fingerprints and marks off the walls when you cleaned, a coat of paint can be the best decision. The same applies to chipping and cracking exterior paint.  If a buyer feels that it's too much to tackle when they move in, they won't.  

SIXTH: Don't forget the yard. Clear out dead and sickly looking brush, plants, and weeds.  Add flowers for color, and cover ground that shows with fresh dirt or bark. Trim plants and trees back from the walkways and windows.  You don't want a haunted house look! 

It never hurts to add scent to a home.  Fresh flowers, a clean pine scent, and even baking cookies adds an inviting touch.  Good luck!