Nov 26, 2014

Find The Right Home Workspacen

With acess to the internet on every device, and telecommuting being very productive - not to mention work that we inevitably bring work  home to 'catch up ' for the next day -  it's imperative  to create a working space that still gives you a sense of peace and relaxation when you do get downtime.  
Working in front of the TV with a laptop works, but distractions often make that time double what it can  be if you dedicate a more private space to focus on a task then let it go. Here are some tips and some ways to make them flexible even if you have a small space of need to keep an eye on the little ones

1 find the right area. Sure the kitchen table works, but having to repertedly remove things for meals is tedious. Can you use a living room console or coffee table? Some times a floor pillow is just enough  comfort for. A few hours, but will almost make you get up to stop. No surface?  I attached a fold down top to an out of the way wall - ready from the large home improvement stores- and the brackets purchased at A basket from an import store stashes files and even the laptop. 

2. Limit the distractions and create a study area in a location without a telephone or television — these may be too tempting to glance at or listen to.. Wasting precious time. Focus on the task helps get it done. 

3. Create a wall for organization.  In my home office I use WhiteyBoard clear paint on the wall. I use dry erase markers to note all tasks, notes and chores.  You can't see the clear - non toxic - paint on the wall and it totally organizes the day/week home and work tasks.  It erases beautifully. 

4. Keeping the area clutter free helps me start and stop on time.  I have 2 stacking baskets from ikea for files that now stay organized with a few minutes of filing. Whether my folding table is up or down, it looks great. A cluttered area is not only frustrating, but takes valuable time looking for items.

5. Keep supplies on hand in wall or ceiling hanging containers. Even in one of your stacking bins. 
Nothing is more frustrating than to  to sit down then find out you don’t have needed pens, pencils, notepaper, printer paper, ink cartridges, index cards, construction paper and scissors etc.