Nov 15, 2014

Up cycle your pumpkins!

 Halloween has come and gone leaving you with pumpkins and  gourds. You can certainly compost them but keeping them around for Thanksgiving decor extends their longevity just a bit.

The process is simple, and a perfect activity for kids with adult supervision and hot wax handling. 

1. Drill a hole in the pumpkin or gourd to hollow it out, or alternately, use a knife to cut the top off and scoop out the seeds as though you were making a tiny jack-o-lantern.

2. Once you have created a hollow inside, use a tin can or double boiler to melt pure beeswax until it becomes liquid.

3. Cut a lead-free wick so that it extends about a quarter inch above the top of the gourd and place it inside, holding it centered while you pour in the beeswax.

4. After you have poured the beeswax, place the finished candles somewhere where they won’t be disturbed and allow them to harden and cool.

Not only is this a great way to re-purpose Halloween decorations, but these homemade candles readily replace store-bought versions which may use artificial waxes, wicks which may contain lead, and a host of artificial fragrances, too.

When complete, these natural votives make great seasonal decor, thoughtful hostess gifts, or, paired with a sweet note, they can become wonderful Thanksgiving gifts for your children’s hard-working teachers.