Oct 30, 2014

Diy cement containers

Need a planter? A bowl?  A candleholder?  If you're creative and love DIY projects, this is for you,

  1. cement (and sand).  We love Quickcrete
  2. Primary and secondary containers or molds - you can use stainless bowls over and over, plastic food containers (recycled of course), milk cartons, and other shapes. Be sure one is larger than the other to create your center space.
  3. Rubber gloves, 
  4. Bucket or anything to mix cement, 
  5. A stick to mix the cement. 
  6. Moss, peat, Stones, etc. if you want texture 
  7. Cooking spray to help release the inner mold 
  8. Cutting implement if you use wax contsihers 

Wear rubber gloves before mixing

Mixing cement:

Measure 2 part cement and 3 parts sand.

Mix them very well,

Pour a small amount of water into the sand and cement mixture and mix them well with the water,

Pour more water if the cement mixture is too thick. 

Make sure the mixture isn't too thick nor too thin

After mixing the cement you can fill the primary containers with them.

Do not fill the entire primary container with cement or concrete mixture, I filled 2/3 of the primary container.

After filling the 2/3 of the primary container, put the secondary container right in the middle of it and push it in gently. Make sure that the secondary container touches the rolled cardboard.

Place something heavy on top of it or else the secondary container will be pressed up.

Now allow the cement/concrete to dry, it's better to wait 24 hours for the cement/concrete to dry.