Oct 27, 2014

Fall is here!

Get ready for winter! These are easy to do in the fall, see you can enjoy a cozy, clean indoors, and a trouble-free outdoors.

Just like the leaves outside, fall is the perfect time to change up your color palette indoors. Paint your walls with warmer colors to make any room feel more welcoming this winter.  If painting is too difficult, and a warm cozy throw, some pillows in deep cranberry, green, and even blue.  Go outdoors and find pinecones, acorns, and other natural elements. Place them into ceramic or glass bowls. Top with a dash of essential oil for a fabulous fragments. Even changing the color of candles that you use is a great idea.

Remove leaves and debris from gutters to make sure water can easily drain out. Do the downspouts, for good measure. With a home on the East Coast, and on the west, leaves are problem in both areas, although there is really little rain in California. If you can't reach her gutters, hire a pro.

As the days grow shorter, be sure to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Clean your windows—especially south-facing windows—to let sunlight stream inside.  I love using 1 cup vinegar and 4 cups water with a tiny drop of essential oil for scent. Need to degrease? Add 1 teaspoon  liquid detergent. Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation and Dr. Bronners are my faves. 

Create a warm, glowing ambiance in your home by lighting a fire, or even by simply placing cream-colored candles inside your fireplace. I love flameless candles and there are lots @amazon.com. Be sure to clean the flue beforehand to avoid dirt buildup. Without a fireplace? Many discount stores like home goods, crate and barrel, and even your local dollar store, will have glass surrounds or hurricanes that you can use for real candles. Place in safely on non-combustible services, and be sure nothing is above them.

Take advantage of the warm soil to plant your spring bulb garden. And while you’re flexing your green thumb, fertilize the lawn to give your grass the nutrients it needs to survive the winter. You won’t regret it come spring. Find cut branches and balance, and bring them indoors until they are dried. They make great arrangements in bosses, as centerpieces, and on mantles.

Give indoor surfaces a thorough scrub to keep surfaces spotless and sparkling all winter long. I only use natural cleaners on my wood. Murphy's oil soap is fantastic. I use my vinegar and water cleaner for glass tables, and to clean off lightbulbs were dust has gathered all summer.