Jan 3, 2018

Weekend Updates for renters

It's hard to put your personality into your home when you rent.  Landlords often restrict what you can change. They don't want you to paint unless you return your walls to white. Hanging things on the wall is a challenge unless you make repairs. Take heart! You can fix your floors, walls, light fixtures and have a fabulous personalized space. 
1. Carpet squares are amazing. No need to glue them down; you stick them together and cut them to fit your space.

2. Peel and stick wallpaper is here! It's removable and won't damage the walls. You can add color, texture, and pattern very easily. How about placing it on the back of your bookcases? That adds a  wonderful design statements, tons of personality and you can take it with you without taking it down! 
3. Were your walls white to begin with?  There are hundreds of shades of white so you can select the perfect one for you.  Most landlords don't mind different shades of white, only that it stays white! LOL 

4. Swap out your light fixtures. Simply put the one that came in your apartment away, and reinstall it when you move out.  Hang a wonderful chandelier in place of a dated ceiling mounted fixture. Screw a pendant light into a recessed fixture.  With just two screws, you can install wall mounted sconces and hide the cords with adhesive cord covers. 

5. Update the hardware on your cabinets. It is easy to unscrew the old, store them, and replace them with something you love. Big box stores carry  packages of 10 for under $30. 

6. Add plants. Not only do plants clear the air, they look fabulous. They fill empty corners, dress up tables, windows, and even the bathroom.

7. Like carpet squares, area rugs can transform your space. They are easily rolled up and taken with you, yet  create pattern, texture, warmth, and so much more in hallways, bathrooms, living spaces, and yes, even the kitchen. 

8. Don't hang a bookcase, build one from the ground up. Get creative. Use old crates, apply molding to premade bookcases,  paint your bookcase a wonderful color, and fill the shelves with fabulous accessories instead of books. 

9.  Bring Style to your kitchen or bath with a new faucet.  Inexpensive faucets with loads of style can be found at the big box hardware stores. Many of them come with directions for self install. If you're worried about leaks, call a plumber!  Add a diverter  to your showerhead, and install a handheld.   You'll get a wonderful tool for cleaning  and a better shower experience. 

10.  Make every piece of furniture count. Bring in a fabulous armoire or chest in the living room. Get a fourposter bed and drape it with fabric. Steal your furniture correctly to maximize every piece. Those that do double duty, like a desk/dining table or a chaise/ dining bench,  give you more bang for your buck.