Sep 11, 2014

You CAN afford design advice.

When you're doing a remodel  can you afford not to hire a designer? Whether it's a small project that you want done right or quickly, or an overhaul that affects your lifestyle - and even the equity in your home -  turning to a design professional is saavy and budget conscious.  We work daily with vendors, contractors, architects and anyone who provides a product or service  for your home.   Our extensive knowledge is learned, developed, and executed and we know the possible pitfalls and wrong turns that happen. Take advantage of that before you end up making costly mistakes. 

Avoid these problems:
  • A good idea was found after the project was done
  • You're overwhelmed by the choices and don't know the right one to make 
  • The best solution wasn't discussed since you didn't know about it
  • You don't know how to solve a problem that's come up
  • You forgot to add a feature that would make your bathroom better 
  • The job drags on since no one can coordinate properly 
  • You are experiencing delays since you weren't told when products needed to be ordered 
  • The contractor didn't know about a better product
  • Costs escalate as changes are made on the fly
  • Using the space was not considered as highly as "getting it done" and there are problems 
  • There isn't good light or control of too much light 
  • Room wasnt left for things you need to store or display
  • Door swings go in the wrong direction
  • There isn't enough storage space
  • The paint colors aren't  right
  • Your layout "could have been" spot on 
  • Some furniture doesn't fit 

The best use of your time and budget is for everything to be right the first time.  If you plan for things to go well they will. 

Bring a designer in to give you ideas, 
Use a designer to review your plans
Get help selecting the right products