Sep 17, 2014

Makeover, Restyle or Refresh?

We all love to keep our homes fresh, updated, and comfortable. That us
means making changes periodically.  Depending on your budget or your lifestyle, that could mean a makeover, a restyle, or refresh.  What's what?

Makeovers are best done every 10 years although I do some rooms every 5 because I find  fabulous new  products and I like change.  Makeovers are done to keep pace with your lifestyle. For example, the hand-me-down sofa you got when you were married doesn't mesh with your current style and needs a facelift. Even the style of accessories you like changes as you develop your taste overtime. Got something you love from travels or shopping trips and now you have a fabulous collection with no place to put it? Changing lifestyles due to children, pets, and inherited pieces usually require a makeover. Makeovers are the time for painting. Starting with a fresh new wall color or finish, is key to transforming your space. If it's in the budget, I also look at flooring updates. Changing out draperies, worn fabrics on furniture, swapping all of your small pillows, and even doing away with accessories is all part of a makeover.

Let's face it, Home Goods is great. You could refresh your rooms every week shopping there. First you buy the pillows, then the new lamp, and a piece of art, even a cool chair. When you get home, sometimes the things you buy just get put in the best place available — and then it tends to loiter there. A new piece of artwork will be hung in an open space or a new decorative accessory gets placed on any spot on the shelf. They may not be in the best place and don't necessarily feel perfect in the space. That's when it's time to restyle. For that, I will pull all of the accessories and art out of a room.  I'll typically reposition the furniture, decide if I need to rotate area rugs, and even adjust drapery panels. When that's finished, and I'm happy with the arrangement, I return things to the room placing them in just the right spot. Sometimes things get edited and either stored or used in another room. 

A refresh is much less involved and should happen with a fair amount of regularity. It can be as simple as fresh bedding and pillows or replacing the towels in your bathroom. Refreshing generally means seasonal change. Adding a floral arrangement, changing positions of lamps,  and using seasonal fabrics on pillows all work perfectly. If you use your rooms a lot, you may not notice that some things are out of place.  Take a few minutes one day, and walk the rooms, noting whether your accessories are really in the best spot.  Sometimes it is as easy as moving something from one room to another.  Adding a throw to your sofa is a great refresh for fall and winter. Sometimes buying a new lamp is all that you need to change the entire character of your room.