Sep 21, 2014

CA is in a drought Save Water! Ten tips!

It's really not that hard to save water. Short of buying a new low flush toilet, and installing low flow shower heads and faucets, these tips are very quick and easy. All it takes is a few days to develop a new habit.  Check it out. The water you save today will feed the vegetables you eat tomorrow. 

1. Instead of letting the water run cold, fill a bottle and keep it in the fridge.

2. Put a large jug by the sink. At the end of a meal, if there's leftover water in glasses, pour it in the jug, then use this "gray water" for watering plants. Add melting ice cubes, cooking water and other water you would rinse away. Use it to rinse your recyclables, water plants, and even soak your dirty pots.
3. Assign a different drinking glass to each person in the house (and refill as desired) throughout the day. This not only saves on water but also means fewer dishes to do. 

4. Collect gray water from the kitchen sink in a tub beneath the faucet. I have a double sink and keep a Rubbermaid bin on one side. Use that side to rinse hands and produce, so the water fills it.  You can water plants, soak dishes, and rinse recyclables with that water.

5. Collect the water you might waste waiting for the shower to heat up in a bucket and water your garden, rinse your dishes or 'gasp' even flush your toilet with it.  

6. Take short showers.  Turn water on to get wet, turn the water off. Soap up thoroughly, turn the water on, Rinse. You probably saved 20 gallons of water. 

7. Don’t leave water running while you brush your teeth or while doing the dishes.

8. In California we have a saying to save toilet water. If it's yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down. You can share the toilet several times if it's just liquid, it's better than an outhouse! Toilets can use up to 30% of your household water. Get  lower flow by adding a soda bottle or brick to the water tank. 

9. Only flush what you must. Cotton, tissues, and the like should go in a trash 

10. Wash only clothes that are dirty. Most children dump clean clothes in the laundry basket because it’s preferable to hanging them up. Sound familiar?  When you wash, don't put more water than you need in the wash cycle.