Aug 6, 2014

Color predictions for 2015!

t's that time of year again, when forecasters have released their evaluations of social, economic, and fashion themes, and determined which colors are right for the upcoming year.  Consistent among the forecasts for 2015 is a subtle switch from strong colors to those with deep but softer feel. Color permeates our lives. Whether it's what you surround yourself with at home, dress in, or shop for, color influences your mood and plays and important role in home design and construction. Marketing experts study color and lighting and play off of color trends to capture your attention.   You can capture a trend by simply repainting one wall or a piece of furniture or add color with art and accessories. If you go all the way and replace old surfaces with new, select your colors wisely; know how color affects you and don't hesitate to call a color consultant for optimal results.