Jul 17, 2014

Create a beautiful hanging basket.

Dress up your front steps, balcony or patio with a showy hanging basket.  If  you don't have a place to hang a wrought iron bracket (Home Depot and Amazon have some nice styles at great prices) then consider hanging it from a shepherds hook in the ground or staked in a large planter.
I like to mix the plants for texture color and leaf size and also select so that some will drape over the edge as they grow and others create upper fullness.  You can use smaller  baskets for smaller areas.

20" wire basket
Plastic saucer
Potting soil

  Combo 1: Ivy geranium           Combo 2: Variegated ivy       Combo 3: Mandevilla
                     Petunia                                  Geranium                            Petunia
                     Lobelia                                   Petunia                               Ivy or ivy geranium
                     Upright fuchia                         Alyssum                              Verbena

Water all of your plants well before starting. Add a layer of dry moss to the bottom of your basket. I mix in some wet to pack it down so soil doesn't drop through.  Place your saucer on the moss. Cover with 2-3" of moist but not saturated potting soil. Start placing the trailing ivy,petunia or lobeila onto the soil at the edge of the wire basket.  Work the plant through the basket so it can drape down as it grows.  I like to alternate different trailing plants around the edge so the basket fills in nicely.  As you add plants. be sure that you cover the roots with soil, and use slightly wet moss around the basket edge. Start adding upright plants, filling in and covering roots with soil and the edge of the basket with moss. Layer plants and soil, tucking in  moss until your basket is full. How many plants you add depends upon how quickly you want a full basket.  For 20" diameters, I use about 20 small plants and space them apart so they grow in.