Sep 18, 2012

What a great product!

We search for fabulous new products every day. When they're sustainable and eco-friendly, we're thrilled to use them and share with everyone.  Take a look at the Earth First Exotics hardwoods by IndusParquet.  Like most flooring of this type, they're harvested abroad.  The difference here is the forests are cared for and harvested with the extensive environmental protection of both the company and the government of Brazil. The timber harvest in Brazil is strictly controlled by the government and is limited to a maximum of eight trees per ¾ acre. Endangered trees and trees that provide food for animals are preserved. Every tree harvested is tagged with an ID code that stays with the tree throughout the manufacturing process. 

They've taken an additional step to certify their manufacturing plants through the Forest Stewardship Council.  That certification assures that the natural resources used in the production of IndusParquet products are manufactured efficiently with minimum impact on the environment. Along with their
 zero waste policy – 100% of all wood that enters the factory is utilized, the company owns three vast reforestation plantations to help assure a sustainable resource.