Aug 24, 2012

White is always right.

We love white rooms. Do you? Whether you love cottage style, modern design, or a traditional home, white is always a great color. From the walls, fabrics and accents, to large scale seating and furnishings, a white home can be elegant or casual. With just a few added elements, your personal style can shine with art, collectibles, accent pieces and accessories. Take a look at these very differently styled rooms and note what you like or dislike about them.

White is easy-care if you use slipcovers on furnishings and sheers that can be laundered. You can even mix whites and ivories, just be sure that the undertone of the colors you select are the same.....for example don't use green-hued white sofa in a room that has orange-hued walls.  You'll see the clash and it will feel 'off' forever.

Popular for kitchens and baths, white cabinets are an enduring and all-time favored color. Customizing white spaces is easy and you don't have to add color if you love monochrome!

For bedrooms and living rooms, using white as the backdrop and on fabrics looks spectacular when contrasted with deep wood furnishings.