Aug 28, 2012

How to design your powder room.

Powder rooms are a unique space in the home. While they're a bathroom, they are typically off the main hallway or rooms of a home, so you have an opportunity to be expressive and dramatic.  Despite the small space, using intense colors, themes and lighting is fabulous rather than restrictive, since the room is meant to be used for brief periods and not to get dressed or apply makeup.  Bold, dramatic light fixtures are OK as are going 'over the top' with deep tones and large scale lighting.  

Wall treatments: If you love the glamour of metallics and your home is traditional, don't be afraid to use a striking wall covering. If your living room is too small for a richly textured old world finish, it's OK to do it in the powder room.  Do the ceiling too.

Lighting: Bold, sparkly, over-sized and deeply shaded fixtures. Under counter lighting sets a wonderful tone, and if you use the right material (glass, onyx, acrylics) you can even light the counter.

Cabinetry: Unusual pieces, re-purposed furnishings, exotic materials and woods. I love using re-claimed logs as counters, and even scoop out the center of large pieces of lumber to create the sink.

Tile: For me, this is not a room that needs a backsplash. You're not washing up in that room. GO ahead and tile the whole back wall. Make it a textured, iridescent or unusual material.

Plumbing:  A hands-free faucet is ideal. Go for the bold and artistic. Use a great wall hung toilet, a no-tank model, or a unique color toilet.

 Mirrors: Use one or not.  Bold frames, large scale, interesting glass. All work well.