Aug 16, 2012

5 window covering ideas

When you have an unusual window, need privacy and don't want to cover the light, or just want something interesting, maybe these ideas will inspire you.

Etching glass, installing a window film, and painting on a 
design can be both casual and elegant. Privacy is afforded without covering the window fully. At Touch of Tradition, we create custom stencils for etching, and guide you a Do-it-yourself journey!

A great way to handle an arched window is to use rods meant for the curve. 
It's not expensive and fits the scale and architecture well. We use wood, iron and other materials to create custom yet affordable rods.  Using interesting objects to hang your drapes is our specialty.

Dual treatments work well together. A Roman Shade gives privacy 
and softness and the side panels add elegance and drama.

Panels are extremely useful whether they slide on a traverse rod like these, or are pulled across on rings.

Functional drapes and a beautiful valence create a focal point and work for a traditional style.

From Country Living, a sweet burlap treatment that fits the style of the home and is DIY!