Jul 17, 2012

Favorite decor ideas for summer.

When it's hot an oppressive, it's often hard to remember why you like summer months.  Making your home and yard inviting and beautiful helps you enjoy your surroundings and feel refreshed. A cool glass of iced-tea - with ice  - in hand, a Japanese fan, a wide brimmed hat, and off you go to see if these ideas can work in your yard or house!

1 Spruce up the path or steps to your home by adding potted flowers. Bold color and soft leaves will be inviting and soft. It's easy, when you water the cooling spray will feel great!

2 Keep the entryway as open as you can. 
Take the mail, shoes, dog leashes and packages out.  Add a great sisal mat for a summer feel. Hang a mirror to catch light.

3. For just a few moments before guests arrive for lunch or you serve dinner, heat a summery fragrance in a pan on the stove to infuse the whole house with a pleasant smell. We make our own with essential oils. Search our blog for instructions!

4 Fill apothecary jars on kitchen counters and a large bowl on the dining-room table with lemons, limes and oranges for a refreshing spot of color. Use them in vases instead of marbles. We have a fabulous collection of shapes and sizes in the shop. All hand-blown in the US. 

5. Use seashells or other to hold cut flowers.

6. Dress up your table. Take out the white table cloth or add a colorful runner on top.  Add a fresh look with votive candles, sparkling clear marbles in small glasses with a cut stem at each place setting, and raffia or wicker place mats. 

7  In the spring and summer, display books that picture great gardens and greenery or decor books with serene or seasonal colors.

8. To add light and a bit of sparkle to a coffee table or dining table borrow a small mirror from a wall and use in lieu of a wooden tray. On the mirror, arrange seashells, light driftwood, a few decorative balls and a candle to lighten the whole look of the room.

9 Lighten your bedding. Swap your dark comforter for a light color and soft pattern. Use whites and ivories for sheets, shams and a throw for the foot of the bed if you don't want to change your comforter. Check out the throws, pillows and comforters we stock. Come by to select the fabrics for yours!
10. Swap winter accessories with lighter, brighter ones. Replace  stones in hurricane candle holders with green moss or seashells. Use lighter spring colored pillow covers on your sofa and bed. Use the same pillow form, simply cover the darker toned fabrics.