Jun 26, 2012

An outdoor room dissected.

Summer is a great time to set up an outdoor room. You can throw open the doors to your home and enjoy an additional space for 2-3 months. Let's take a look at this home and patio to see why it works so well.

1. Color: The white interior woodwork - paneling and banquet seating - is painted in a satin white. With the exterior of the home and the wood trellis painted in the same color, the rooms become extensions of one another.

2. Furnishings: A similar style seating is used in the interior family room and the outdoor patio. Both the chair style and the colors in the cushions, reflect a carefully thought connection between the two spaces.  Yes, the outdoor chairs are teak and not cherry, and the fabric is a textured Sunbrella and not chenille, but the overall style and feel is similar. The black iron tables are the same as those indoors. Arranging the seating in a comfortable grouping makes the patio inviting. 

3. Lighting: To fully enjoy the outdoors at night, lighting is essential.  Here, a trellis supports a candelabra with a hurricane holding a candle on the table.  Additional lighting is provided by wall sconces that turn on automatically at dusk, and light from the family room shines through the open doors. Perfect for outdoor entertaining.

4. Soft upholstery: Pillows are an easy way to join the two spaces. The yellow fabric used indoors is repeated in Sunbrella fabric outdoors. Throws are rolled up on the lounge chairs to cover up on a chilly summer evening. 

5. Flooring: From an indoor wood surface to an outdoor large-format stone, the style of the floor carries well throughout.