Apr 20, 2012

Room to grow - ideas for children's decor.

Great design should be accessible to all ages. Try these short-term decorating ideas that result in long-term solutions for growing children:

    1) Build a fully integrated bed and storage unit along one wall - or into an available niche. It will serve as storage space forever and can be 'dressed up' into an entertainment center as the child grows. With under-bed pull out drawers, side cabinets or shelves, this unit saves space and keeps rooms organized. Make it colorful and fun your younger child with bedding and toys or sleek and sophisticated with posters, a sofa styled bed and great wall art for teens. 

    2) Have need for more than one bed per room? Bunk beds work well and can be taken apart when not needed. They do allow you to dress the top bed differently from the bottom, so each child can have the colors and look they prefer. Keep colors similar and use the same color dressers ad beds, for a cohesive look.

    3) Children need change as they grow. Keeping floors and storage pieces the same color will save money. Change bedding, lamps, window treatments and area rugs for quick and inexpensive updates.

4) Use peel and stick decals, paints (oops paints are great money savers)
and themed bedding to make small changes that have a big impact. 
We love WALLNUTZ for their creative designs for kids, teens, and
even your living room!

     5) Cabinets and closets should be age appropriate.  Fit bath vanities with pull out drawers or baskets in lieu of fixed shelves to encourage putting toiletries and bath toys away. Children like their own drawers especially in shared baths. In closets, lower the rod height by hanging a secondary rod and install easy to pull out drawers and bins. 

     As children grow older, they accumulate more… good storage planning can take them (and you) from infancy to teen years!