Apr 10, 2012

Color it Yours - A bold bath for kids.

When you have young children, you want them to have a fun, cheerful bathroom, but may want to have it easy to modify as they go from infant to toddler to teen. This bath does all of that easily...with COLOR./

A white palette is the simplest to dress up.  Here, the upper wall over the wainscot and the backs of the shelf unit, are all that is colored. Adding towels, a throw rug, fun accessories and toiletries, are all that is needed.  The paint is by Benjamin Moore, the labor can be DIY!

Green  - Margarita 2026-20
Yellow - Baby Chick 2023-20
White - Simply White OC 117
Red - Red  2000-10
Orange - Startling Orange 2016-10
Blue - Sea to Shining Sea 789

Towels by Martex.
Bath toys : www.Giggle.com