Feb 20, 2012

Ways to conserve water at home.

You know the global benefits of conserving energy and water,  including saving money on your utility bill. But maybe you're not sure where to start. Here are a few ways to embrace conservation practices in your home and routine. Remember, even the smallest steps help make a difference. 

1) Upgrade to green.  With new government standards and technology, modern faucets are more efficient than ever. Saving up to 32% on your water usage, WaterSense certified faucets and shower heads make going green practically effortless. For under $100 you can purchase a new faucet at a big box home supply store and install it yourself.

2) Look, no hands. We waste gallons of water everyday by leaving sink faucets running while performing daily tasks. WHY? With hands-free electronic faucets you will ensure water is used only when needed. Can't add one? Try turning off that water while loading the dishwasher, brushing teeth and shaving.

3) Get in on-demand Tankless water heaters offer a great way to cut home energy costs without impacting performance. By flash heating water and eliminating tank style water heaters long cycles you can cut your energy use by 20%. For standard water heaters, time your showers, laundry and dishes to the same few hours to reduce multiple heating cycles. Add a heater blanket to the exterior to keep the inside water warm.

4) Cost effective green.  A quick, first step toward going green, flow optimized aerators can add highly effective performance to older faucets without much cost to you.  They are $3-5 each and simply screw onto the end of your faucet.  Better flow pressure means less water used!

5) Ditch the bottle  Avoid the need to use plastic bottles of drinking water. Even recycling them isn't enough. Use water filtering faucets or free-standing filters. There are many tap, pitcher and other water filtering devices that are easily installed. Then you can re-fill  BPA-free or stainless bottles. You will save on costs to purchasing bottled water and help unclog waste disposal sites of these increasingly hazardous items. Must use bottles of water for some reason? Purchase the largest size so you help eliminate the manufacture of wasteful 'convenience' sizes.