Feb 13, 2012

Jewel decor!

I have a lot of older jewelry that my Mom and Grandmother gave me.  Since it's too meaningful to be broken by playing children, rather than let it collect in a pile in a drawer or jewel box,I've come up with some decorative ideas for home decor.

1) Use a bold pin, vintage necklace or even a pendant as a curtain tie back. For pins, use a ribbon or twisted tieback rope to gather your pane;  attach the pin at the center point. For necklaces and pendants, affix them to the panel at the length you like. I suggest a bit longer than you first think works, since the exaggerated scale will be more dramatic and call attention to your detail.

2) Dress up a pillow with a pin, charm or favorite pendant. A ribbon beneath an adorable charm will make it stand out.  Do several pillows if you can spread them around, since they are eye-catching and too many in one places diminishes the impact. If you're really creative, you can drape necklaces on as well.  Not for leaning against but very decorative.

3) Adorn the edge of a lampshade, tablecloth and even a plain, short window panel, with small pins, clip on earrings.Punch holes evenly around the bottom edge. Insert earring posts through the holes and secure with earring backs, or use clip-on earrings.

4) Add some hanging earrings to the bottom of a table runner or plain shade for some pizzazz.  Be sure they aren't accessible to your little ones (kids, cats and more!).

5) Candle bracelets are adorable... so too are candle pins. Add your favorite pins or no-longer worn bracelets to a candle to dress it up.  Pillar candles work best so you can avoid wax melting onto your jewelry.

6) Jewel art is easy and fast. With a pre-made frame, or one that you've salvaged, create a wall hanging by pinning necklaces, earrings and other jewelry to a fabric covered mat.