Feb 22, 2012

Favorite furniture for any style home.

When updating your home, by selecting furnishings with classic lines, your end result will be an enduring style that won't need to be redone for a long time. My choices for furniture have classic  elements for lovers of traditional style. yet clean lines for a  contemporary feel.  Can you mix styles? A resounding yes! A change of fabrics, adding or removing details, and accenting the rest of the room with the right pieces, will help shape the overall style. These pieces are available through A Touch of Tradition. 

Traditional sofas have many forms. A rolled arm, skirted base, and tufting on the back is common. For a more modern feel, strip away the details, square off the cushions and arms, and a voila, your sofa is updated. The tapered legs and exposed wood apron are classically styled, allowing this sofa to work well with traditional pieces.

Despite the modern flair of the nested end tables, their tapered leg and mahogany inlay top allow them to fit nicely into a traditional room.  
A sideboard with inlay, tapered legs and brass hardware, is clearly a traditional piece but the clean narrow front gives it a distinctly modern feel.

 With it's oval back and tapered legs, this gorgeous chair is a rounded, broader version of a classic oval backed chair.

Cabinetry with a modern feel has less detail and more boxy lines like the armoire here, Its Asian style form and hardware enables use in both traditional and modern settings.