Jan 26, 2012

Two products for a great shower experience.

Dornbracht ATT system
Kohler DTV

When you want to relax, do you think of a bath or a shower? For some, the flow of water over them is more soothing than a soak. The three products featured here have special features that a true shower afficionados will love.

The ATT system by Dornbracht - a luxury fixture provider that I love to specify for clients - is like a perfectly-modulated massage. The system allows pre-programmed variations in spray configuration, volume, temperature, and force. Thus it facilitates “de-stressing programs to pamper with carefully choreographed pressure, temperature, outlet, and lighting changes.” It was created by the company in response to studies of the emotional and psychological benefits of luxurious bathing. Their miniature electronic thermostat cartridge allows for the variation in flow rates, temperatures, and spray configurations in the same shower. Imagine if you will, an energizing cold splash of water from a side spray within a warm shower flowing from above. The stylish faceplate is aesthetic par with their line if contemporary fittings. It features indicator lights to show when the shower is in use, as well as an illuminated band of red or blue to signify water temp.

From Kohler, is easily programmable digital showering system that won’t leave you ice cold. The DTV showering system allows for temperature control for the ultimate shower or bath experience and is easy to use with minimal buttons. Power on, pause, and turn off with one touch. The simple diverter controls allows you to quickly change between one or two outlets, including rain heads, hand showers, body sprays, bath fillers, and your standard showerheads. Examples of popular configurations include shower head and handshower, showerhead and bath filler, hand shower and bath filler, and more. The list goes on. Too often, older showers only have two settings; scalding and freezing. No longer will you have to choose the lesser of two evils. For complete safety, the precise temperature control relies on digital thermostatic valve technology for accuracy. The valve can be placed up to 20 feet away from the interface, for complete installation freedom. DTV Prompt is a simple but powerful bath solution. The aesthetics of the system are matched with its intelligence. Sleek design is paired with four handsome finishes, Black, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel, and White, for easy customization. This collection of attractive neutrals means you will find the perfect shade for your bathroom.