Jan 20, 2012

Modern Bathroom Style from Italy

The toilets and sinks have soft curves that work
well with the linearity of the vanity. 
Softly rounded plumbing fixtures meant to reflect
a mother & child form.

If you love sleek, modern bathroom design, you will adore the new collection by Laufen. I think they have set a precedent for art and sensuality with their new  IlBagnoAlessi One bathroom collection. Constructed of rounded, smooth porcelain in classic alabaster white, all of the fixtures are characterised by a beautiful roundness that modernizes, yet softens, the bath.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the products is a deliberate interpretation of the feminine form. The manufacturer explains the designer's goal was to create a “maternal code of the porcelain pieces in particular, round and soft.”  The bold curvature of the washbasins, tubs,  toilets, and bidets establish the principle aesthetic of the collection; the pieces are individually eye-catching and dominant, yet synergistic within the collection. Linear and geometric shapes are seen in the vanities and shower enclosures.

The effect is to balance and harmonize what the company refers to as the “four affective codes: the expressive language of a model of dreams and play.” The result; an engaging and alluring bathroom suite that speaks to a fundamental wish—the desire for a place of repose, a profoundly relaxing sanctuary where we attend to the basics of bodily hygiene and engage in daily rituals.   The company believes it has created a new aesthetic language for the bathroom, an expression of holistic shapes that satisfies our deepest impulses for relaxation and replenishment.
Clean lined yet very sinuous free-standing sinks.