Jan 2, 2012

Ideas to light your living room.

Modern lighting design offers a wide range of products for decorating living or family rooms. From glamorous chandeliers to minimalistic and functional wall fixtures, there are many choices for contemporary home lighting. As the center of family life, the living room often includes different areas such as a dining table and a lounge area and seating for television and entertaining. Therefore, the perfect illumination of a living room must accomplish a variety of tasks.
For achieving a general lighting inside the living room, ceiling lights are needed. As below, recessed fixtures surround the perimeter of the room to bathe it in light. For creating a warm and cozy atmosphere,  additional light sources are desired. Providing effect and mood lighting, those light sources might include elegant wall sconces, pendants, chandeliers, floor or table lamps and accent lighting in cabinets and bookshelves.  The following lighting design ideas might be a perfect choice for your living rooms’ interior design.

Pendant lighting:  Offered in various shapes, sizes and colors, pendant options seem to be endless. Furthermore, they are very flexible in use. You can use them over a table, in the center of a room, or even as an art form - as in this living room.  They illuminate areas brightly while they contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere inside the room. 

Chandelier: Chandeliers remain a popular lighting choice. They are a favorable alternative to recessed fixtures in contemporary interior design, and add a classic note. Whether you opt for a very traditional brass fixture or a modern style in chrome and glass, be sure it hangs about 30" above your table.

Wall sconce:  To draw attention to an element in the room - a fireplace, an arch - the use of wall sconces is ideal.  They throw light on the wall up or down depending upon the direction they hang. Wall sconces can be unobtrusive and small for accent lighting, or dramatic and bold to make an artistic statement.  These candelabra sconces are very traditional and enhance the fireplace as a focal point.