Jan 16, 2012

How to identify reclaimed tile.

At first glance, it may be difficult to distinguish between reclaimed tiles or new. Reclaimed materials are those that are previously used, not so much in a “recycled” sense but more like a rebirth or renewal of use.  Antiques, for example, have been reclaimed by a new owner and thus given a new chance to be showcased and used by someone else. Imagine an old lamp or a vintage wedding gown that has been stowed away in an attic for many decades and then rediscovered and used again by someone else.
You could say that these items are “reclaimed” and therefore given a second chance to be put on a pedestal.Reclaimed tile is also very old; sometimes reappearing after 50, 100, 200 or more years. Some of the reclaimed tile you will find at Exquisite Ceramics has been hand selected and imported from old structures in Europe, such as an old farmhouse, winery, church or another type of building that has either deteriorated or been remodeled with the tile removed and replaced. Reclaimed tile is very special in a way, not just because of its marvelous appearance but because of its history. As you walk across the magnificent tiles of reclaimed brick, stone or cement, you can only imagine the history behind each exquisite tile square.
What if Shakespeare or Van Gogh shared the very same piece of floor that you may be standing on? If only we knew the exact history behind each reclaimed tile piece, perhaps it would make them even more delightful. Nevertheless, reclaimed tile is entirely desirable as a way to decorate the home. Whether used indoors or outdoors, each special reclaimed material is a subtle and graceful way to bring charm to your interior and exterior d├ęcor. But how do you know if it’s real? Are there any ways to differentiate reclaimed material from machine made copycats? Why yes, there are ways you can recognize reclaimed material as compared to the more current styles of tile.
One way you can clearly detect reclaimed or recycled tile is in the way it looks. The aging indications of coloring and fading cannot be replicated by any machine. Although some factory-made tile can come close to the marvel of vintage tile, there is a distinctive “patina” which occurs after the tile has been used and worn naturally through wear and tear. The tile colors will be subtly faded and gently off the mark from their original making. They may have a worn surface or slight imperfections, due to their original handcrafted tile creation. Some may see these small scratches or markings as less than desirable, but to a trained eye and true designer; the beauty of reclaimed tile is more appealing than factory duplicates.
There are a lot of options when it comes to reclaimed tiles, try those at Exquisite Ceramics, where you will find only authentic reclaimed materials that have been imported straight from Europe. No matter where you choose to buy reclaimed tiles, make sure you get the real thing and don’t be fooled by inexpensive imitations.