Jan 24, 2012

Dual use furnishings with a green theme.

In an era of increasing concern for lessening out impact on the environment, come some beautiful designs from green materials that, while decidedly modern in style, work with multiple interior themes.

1) Bookshelf/bench:  Clever and very attractive. Take it apart and it becomes a low chair and higher desk for children.

2) Table/storage.  This looks as good open as it does closed. The espresso finished exterior is a sustainable veneer that glides apart to reveal a deep storage drawer, ideal for small spaces.

3)  Table-bed.  Two clever versions transform from a bed to a dining table and work surface. This sexy solution allows one to eat, work, and sleep in a studio or small apartment. It's multiple-function design and sustainable materials are as fresh today as when it was introduced in 2000.

4) Storage cubes.   These dual function storage cubes made from vetiver, and their companion table made from plantation-grown teak earn points for smart design and use of eco-friendly materials. They shed moisture easily, making them perfect for a bathroom or on an outside deck or patio. They’re designed to be functionally compact for small spaces, where they can be used to store towels and bathing miscellany and also provide extra seating.