Sep 23, 2011

Bring in the light as days are shortened.

As we lose daylight due to the onset of winter and the start of daylight savings,  here is a reminder of my quick tips to bring light back into your spaces:
  1. Hang a mirror to reflect light from your brightest window. Opposites work well, or try hanging in a dark area to reflect some  light and view.
  2. Place a lamp (if possible) in front of a wall or floor mirror. A floor lamp works as well as a table lamp on a dresser.  The idea is to maximize the light in a dark space.
  3. Add an up-light in a corner of a room. For under $10 you can get a free-standing light unit that - when you add an automatic timer - goes on JUST when you need it. Behind a great piece of furniture the light will accent the details,and behind a plant will throw lovely shadows.
  4. Place floor or table lamps in dark spaces and use plug-in timers or light sensors (  to turn on and off at dusk and dawn. Using compact fluorescent or LED bulbs you'll have light, energy savings, and might use those rooms more often!
  5. Re-arrange furniture so reading chairs sit closer to windows. Not as easy for try to place furniture in seating groups where each seat has a lamp beside it.
  6. Add candlelight at your focal point whether it is a fireplace, A/V unit or other furniture. The new flame less candles are great for nearly any application and 'burn' many hours of flickering light on a wafer thin battery, Some are waxy with realistic wicks, and others have a setting (usually those with 2 AA batteries) that allow you to turn them on for 6 hours EVERY 24 hour cycle.  LOVE those in wall candelabras, on stairways, and in rooms where fabrics, children and pets can't be harmed!
  7. Hang a lighted wall sconce for accent light. Flame less tea light candles are a safe option although a votive or tea light nestled into a glass holder is OK when watched.
  8. Add LED lighting in niches, curios and other unusual places. Rope, strips, pucks and other styles are often available as plug-and-go. Low energy usage, long life and a GREAT look.