Nov 13, 2017

Paint Colors For All Seasons

Paint colors are like flavors of ice cream. Some people love only vanilla and some only chocolate. Colors that span the gap between light and dark and are considered neutral are the perfect alternative. I've chosen some fab deep and light neutrals that are going to be trending in interiors this coming year.  Here's the scoop.

1.Blue is the number one favorite color as polled by multiple shelter magazines and paint companies.   It's a predominant color in nature -  the sky and water – and you can slip into a blue room just like a favorite pair of jeans. Shades of blue with a hint of green are becoming more popular and this Sherwin Williams Sassy Blue 1241 is the perfect bridge between them. 

2.The color of nature, green is soothing, refreshing, and "alive". This shade works well whether your style is country casual or modern minimalist. Benjamin Moore's Guilford Green. HC-116 is a great neutral. It's not too yellow and is clear and soft. 

3. Gray has become a go-to neutral but there many complex hues with strong green or blue undertones. This one is refreshing and light. It creates a soft and serene backdrop so you can add interest with spots of your favorite color. Pavilion Gray by Farrow & Ball is wonderful in a traditional bath or bedroom. 

4. Old Navy by Benjamin Moore is a deep blue that edges toward purple. It's a rich but soothing hue that's stunning in a powder room, a study or to create an enveloping and relaxing feel in a bedroom. I couldn't select just one rich blue, and there are four that I absolutely adore.

5. Pastels are coming to the foreground as we look for shades that are easy to live with but neutral enough to be enjoyed by everyone in the family. This Exclusive Plum 6263 by Sherwin Williams is a sophisticated lavender with a warm gray undertone. 

6. This bright and rejuvenating golden yellow - Amber Waves by Benjamin Moore - is the color of a marigold. When you walk into a room painted with this bold color it makes you feel fabulous. Pair it  with brick and cream fabrics and artwork. 

Paint is a very simple way to change the entire flavor of any room. You can undo what you painted easily although I highly recommend purchasing Small Wall boards, sample sized paints, and placing the small wallboards around your room to see if you love it. Don't create stripes on your wall. It's difficult to paint over, and all of the adjacent colors will confuse you. Have fun!