Nov 26, 2013


So, you need an update to your bath.  It's dark, dated, or just plain tired.  Here are five top bath updates you can do in a weekend - on a budget - and create a whole new space!

1. Replace your old faucet.  Is your old chrome faucet from the 80's?  An inexpensive update is also water saving. Whether you have a widespread or vanity style (see below), you can go from dull to savvy styling with better function in about 20 minutes, often for under $100. Check out the Delta faucets at your local home improvement store.

2. Paint your cabinets.  If you have oak cabinets, or even dated and dirty ones, How? Select a color that you love in a semi-gloss finish, purchase paint and supplies, TSP for cleaning, and Penetrol to add to your paint for better adherence to the cabinet surface.  You will first need to prep your room with drop clothes and tape off walls.  Remove all hardware.  Prep cabinets using TSP to clean and sandpaper to prepare the surface. This is the time to smooth edges and fill holes.  Add Penetrol to your paint, following directions on the container, and paint.  

3. Update your lighting.  A simple switch of a bath light from one style to another is often enough to have a huge impact. A fresh new fixture with  CFL or LED bulbs will give a new look with better lighting.

4. Replace all of your hardware. Change all of the knobs, pulls, towel bars and bath accessories for a new look. Don't have tools?  Tape off everything and spray on a coat of Rustoleum that's meant for the surface (metal, ceramic, etc...) and enjoy a new color.

5. Create a new storage system.  If your counter top is cluttered with bottles, add shelves over your toilet.  A few baskets on the shelves, inside the cabinet, and even on the counter - if there is room - makes a huge difference.