Oct 22, 2013

Less is More

What do you do to make your decor more cohesive?  Are you downsizing to a smaller residence? Try the less is more approach. The impact made by fewer, better, more exacting collectibles is much greater than having them dominate your spaces. Having done that in the designs I create for clients, and now for myself...not to mention less dusting, lifting and polishing...a pared down space features their collectibles and looks terrific.

With personalization of our homes and apartments, comes "stuff". With "stuff" comes the need to place it for enjoyment and use.  Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the collection of "stuff", it doesn't give us the cohesive design that we want. As a long-time collector, from candles to dishes to pillows, I have found that too many of those items does not bring pleasure. After weeding out my favorites, finding homes for those items that didn't make the cut, I exemplify that less IS more.

Try these five tips to create "less is more"  so your rooms are comfortable but uncluttered.

Three key pieces in a large scale create balance.
1) Gather collectibles in one place. Small items will have more of an impact if placed together on shelves, in a curio cabinet, or displayed on one surface.

2) Swap items seasonally.  If your collection is very large, downsize and display favorites, swapping out for others throughout the year.

A collage is clean but interesting.
3) Create a collage. If you have a large art collection and many small family photos, gather them on a large wall and create a purposeful arrangement that in itself, will be a work of art.

4) Examine your furniture.  A large ceiling doesn't mean you need large pieces. Open space is OK. Pare down unused pieces.  An abundance of furniture can make a room feel smaller, and often confusing to guests. Are all of the tables necessary? Do you need three sofas in one room? The most functional piece(s) should be kept and the rest...donated? sold? to the attic?...

5) Remove the details. Ornamentation, ruffles, and details of that nature can add to clutter. An example: a ruffled pillow is more distracting than a knife-edged one. Try eliminating tassels hanging from drapes and knobs on furniture. Add them back for festive holidays. Use solid textures instead of fussy prints on fabrics for upholstered seating; a slipcover can work in lieu of re-doing your sofa.